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labor with kaci

JANUARY 3, 2021

providing a safe space to

guide your birthing experience

Bringing new life into the world is no easy feat, so Kaci of Labor with Kaci creates a positive personalized birthing experience for everyone involved. 

Over the years, Kaci has provided persistent gentle care while implementing creative methods to motivate and provide emotional support to expecting mothers. As LWK expands into teaching upcoming doulas and birthing professionals, we wanted something both gentle and fresh, yet inviting.

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Labor with Kaci strives to promote awareness, access and availability of professional Doula support and promote evidence-based, respectful maternity care to all childbearing persons. Kaci provides support to pregnant people in areas such as birth/ labor, postpartum and lactation; while offering holistic fertility services, placenta encapsulation, and v-steams (yoni steams).

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We wanted a site that was simple, yet satisfying. aesthetically pleasing while allowing clients and students, both potential and current to access products or information with ease. After reviewing her brand strategy, we decided to consolidate service pages, update aesthetic, and add a few new pages and features — And we absolutely looove how this project came together! 

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